Friday, February 17, 2012

Where are the clouds moving to... every one's IT environment and not the outsourcing companies or at least not in the public cloud. The still sceptical industry is more and more leaning to the private cloud. The outsourcing industry that mainly benefited from the public cloud movement is still predicted to get a big slice of the market. However outages (Some hosting providers do not count outages less than 5 minutes), the still unresolved questions around privacy, the sometimes "interesting" SLAs that basically leave customers in the rain when things go wrong, do not necessary increase the trust in the public cloud and the outsourcing organizations offering public cloud services. The cloud technology will have its place in the IT universe without question, however it won't be the quantum jump that some cloud fanatics predicted. On the other hand probably up to the last second of cloud computing existence, assuming there is something else coming after it, vendors, hosting providers and software companies will fight over what cloud really is.

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