Friday, September 19, 2008

Clickjacking...what comes next?

Clickjacking is nothing new but so far nobody really came up with a way to use it for bad things. I guess this has changed and some guys tried to present about their discovery at the OWASP (Open Web Aplication Security Project) conference in New York this month but I guess too much explosive material in it and the presentation was canceled. So what is clickjacking? It makes a user click on a link/button/etc. that is only visible for a short time or hardly visible.

I personally was thinking about this for years, ebing annoyed by Widnows behavior of switching the focus of windows, right int he middle when I was typing a password...I think most of us had that happen to us, at least sot of us power users ;-) This might not qualify as a clickjacking attack but for sure it is anoying and has resulted in at least oen of my passwords goign out via IM message to a friend.

Read more about clickjacking (or why nobody should know about the security problems associated with it) here:

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