Wednesday, September 24, 2008

US and China top cyber attacker list

According to a study the United States tops the list of cyber attackers against SecureWorks' clients with 20.6 million attempted attacks originating from computers within the country.

China ran second with 7.7 million attempted attacks emanating from computers within its borders. This was followed by Brazil with over 166,987 attempted attacks, South Korea with 162,289, Poland with 153,205, Japan with 142,346, Russia with 130,572, Taiwan with 124,997, Germany with 110,493, and Canada with 107,483.

The only two questions I have are: What is your customer base? Is it distributed evenly across the globe? Studies/Statistics can sometimes paint a wrong picture, even though I believe that the overall distribution of attackers could be right.

Having talked with a friend in China I get the impression that they are in a phase of Internet adoption that we had back in 2000. Not much strategic thinking around security (e.g. Today ISPs in the US offer free Antivirus software. They have learnt that for example a worm that spreads across its customer base only back fires on them - congested networks, unhappy customers, etc. To invest in providing a free antivirus solution to its customers helped and in the end paid for itself.)

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