Saturday, October 11, 2008

Deutsche Telekom (again) - This time 30 million customer data breach

I guess I keep typing and see if Deutsche Telekom continues to trump itself. This time 30 million customers are affected by a data breach that puts their confidential data on the Internet. A first reaction from Deutsche Telekom: "We shall adopt a new policy" in respect of communication...well you could also try to systematically build security in your business processes...but it gets even better: A spokesman said that bank details were not attached, and that "according to our information, even though these details have been put up for sale on the black market, there has not been a buyer." - My crystal ball did not tell me that but I guess Deutsche Telekom' crystal ball told them that. Data is NOT a physical piece that can be retrieved. Data can be copied and sold to multiple buyers. Once lost you can never be sure that it does not surface again, someday, somewhere in some kind of form!

Read the article here:,2144,3706182,00.html

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